Sterling silver and jade earrings

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Designed and hand made by Tishpa in the Causeway Coast area of Northern Ireland. 

All my pieces are unique and handcrafted.

Material, sterling silver (92.5% silver), fancy jump rings in two sizes, jade beads.

These drop earrings are made from twist patterned sterling silver jump rings. A 8mm central ring is attached to a shepherds hook ear wire with a 5 mm  ring. Three further 5 mm rings are hung from the 8 mm ring to give detail and movement. A beautiful faceted jade bead 3.5 mm in diameter, is suspended from the central 5 mm ring   using a sterling silver headpin with a fancy 3 ball end. The jade bead is topped with a conical bead cap. The earrings hang beautifully and allow gentle movement. The earrings measure 2 cm from the base of the ear hook, 3.5 cm in total length. They would look lovely with short hair, or an up do, but they also work  with long hair  as well.

A statement piece or a pair for every day use , it is up to you


Ready to ship.

The earrings  comes in a black box with Tishpa logo in magenta. The price includes UK signed postage.

Overseas dispatch will be tracked and incur an extra cost.