K9 crystal angel/ fairy rainbow maker decoration

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Designed and hand made by Tishpa in the Causeway Coast area of Northern Ireland

Materials, gold tone wire and chain, gold tone wings, K9 crystal drop and bead.

This lovely  decoration consists of a 40 mm crystal drop for the body, a set of gold tone wings and a 18 mm crystal bead for the head.  The overall length of the piece, excluding the hanging chain is 70 mm. The decoration is a heavy piece weighing 95g, which lets it hang beautifully

K 9 crystal is durable and high quality,  it  contains 9% lead in the glass.  An optical quality crystal it is used  for prisms and lenses.  It is also used to make high end chandeliers, due to its high reflective index and high optical clarity. These qualities make these decorations beautiful to hang in a window, where they reflect the light, they are exceptionally lovely  when hung in a Christmas tree, where they pick up and reflect the twinkling lights and colours. The K 9 crystal  and  facets lets  the crystal  reflect the light beautifully emitting rainbow flashes

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